On this page are testimonials volunteered by our clients.

Mohammed Mohammed, South East
Salaam brother , how.s going hope you are safe and all your family, thanks For helping us during this difficult time
keep safe my brother

Abbas Hayat, South East
May God bless you and give everything and anything you need inshallah! One of the most hard working honest people on in this world. Keep safe
Damian Delahunty, South East
Just wanted to say a genuine thanks to Samir yet again for such amazing service; this guy is always at the end of the phone, day or night, and always has time to answer my questions. I look forward to setting up our Skype Meeting very soon re: rental property income advice. Many thanks Samir. I would recommend this guy to anyone and everyone I know. 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for service, knowledge and professionalism

D Leggett, South East
Hope all is well with you and your family mate. Also, Julia and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a very successful New Year.
You have been a great help to us, invaluable! We have appreciated you being there for us, not just as an accountant but as a true friend.
Loves Ya,,

Jordana V Pereira, South East
By describing Samir as an incredible professional doesn.t really do him justice, extremely helpful and caring. They really are a God.s gift to small, medium and large businesses.

Lisa Ashley Jane Grafton, South East
Highly recommended by word of mouth! Thank god I transferred my accounts to Samir after having multiple cock ups from another firm. It.s not easy deciding and choosing an accountant for your first business, you take a leap of faith. I have every confidence in this company and the way they.ve handled everything so far suggests to me that they really know their stuff!
Kim Mendes, South East
Thank you soo much sweetest accountant. You are so wonderful to me x
Bridget Harris, South East
Samir is a true gent & a fantastic accountant, always happy to help, nothing.s a problem or can.t be solved. Thank you for your help & support, you have made a huge difference to our lives & our daughters x
Anonymous, South East
Comments left by some of our clients following the 31st January 2015 self assessment deadline.

Soreena Khan: Thanks sameer for all the help
Anish Mehta Well done bro, you survived!
Thomachan Nalpat Happy holiday
Saroj Avalani Good job
Talwinder Chandhoke The mug suits u! Thanks for being an amazing accountant x
Michael Russell Like the cup Samir appreciate the work you do
Joly Joseph Pathiyamoola Well done, Samir
Nicola Taylor Go you! ... Or should I say let it go!
Sheetal Nanavati Sam there is no better way to chill than being with ur two beautiful girls
Sajjad Khan Your your star
Mukesh Sharma Bhai be careful it.s very hot
ناصر منان Great job brother .
Connie Ndlovu Thank you Samir. You are the best accountant I have ever met.
Chand Miah You can have the day off.. Lol
Matin Amad Brother not only your kids love you we love you as well God Bless you.
Abdul Hussain Nazari It.s a great picture
Titas Laucius Sam looks like you been few months in reality show "Jungle"
Abid Mahmood Well done samir you deserve a good rest. Im happy to give you 2 weeks off.
Sajid Mahmood You deserve a nice welcome. Thanks Sameer keep up the good work.
Bassi Singh God bless u with peace & happiness brother... ur doin a great job as usual...
Tahir Parvez Thanks for everything bro. You deserve a break with your family.
Bahjat Qadir Looks like you haven.t had break for ages bro,
Neesha Avalani Yay!!!! Im sure all the effort, sleepless nights will pay off in a big way. Like they say... good things happen to good people. And who more deserving that you guys. HE started with sending you two lovely angels to brighten up your days and now there is no where else to look but up!!! God bless you always.... Take care and sleep now. Love you miss you guys...
Jaminie Morjaria-Patel Time for a holiday!?
Phil Baldwin Well done that man now chillax with the family.
Nasir Mahmood Nice one buddy
Scott Shaw Nice cup and don.t say its your girls lol
Bridget Harris That.s dedication for you, well done to you & your team.
Relax & enjoy your family time which is most important x
Khairul Amin Samir you are a life saver bro
Sue Atkins Ne Toomer Amazballs!!!!! Super star
Surinder Singh Take the rest of the week off bro u deserve it
Sonal Mehta Well done guys! Message from Shivani: "all he needs is a frozen dress" hehe

Paull Williams Wish you all the best, I.ll nominate you for a OBE !!! Thanks for all the hard work friend
Rita Modi Well done Sam. You deserve that cuppa x

Sukh and Mindy Photography, South East
Mr G?? Hope you.re well. This is only ever gonna happen once so pay attention!
I just wanted to say you are a serious inspiration. The dedication you have and the hard work you do does not go unnoticed. We feel safe knowing you.re just a phone call away should we need any advice. Thank you for all you do and for all that you give up making sure we.re looked after. Genuine honest people like you are hard to find and we.re grateful to have you in our life.

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