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S Pottiwal, South West
Good Evening Samir, With all the celebrations going on for Guru Nanak Dev Jis birthday.
I sat at work and thought of you.
And would like to wish happiness health and wealth to you and your family. and may you be blessed with whatever that may be a shortfall in your life. and that shortfall be no more.

Lisa, South West
My thoughts always are... I agree and trust the brilliant experienced expert brain-box of my chartered accountant and Im not sure what Id do without you 😳
LukeMendes, South West
Thank you soo much samir. Youre a gift from god!!!!! Really really greatfull!!
Connie, South West
thank you for such a beautiful bill. You have been such a great accountant. I.m pleased to have you as my accountant.
Facebook, South West
Tax return deadlines tomorrow so damn tired feels like i am having an out of body experience

Daljit Lally Everyone knows you work really hard God bless you xx 👍👍

Graham Cox
Graham Cox Apologies mate

Crissie Proudley
Crissie Proudley Thank you 🙏

Tarun Patel
Tarun Patel Grow a pair 😂

Mark Hemmings

Mark Hemmings All paid mate really appreciate the work you.ve done for me 👍🏼

Brett Antony Atherton

Brett Antony Atherton Hope people have pulled there finger out for you bud ... you should set your own deadline .. Dec 31st

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Thank u Samir, hope you r ok now 🖒

Philip Armitage

Philip Armitage Yes we do too man

Christie-Lee Salkeld

Christie-Lee Salkeld Always appreciate your help, thank you

Chand Miah Top lad.

Koshia Jose

Koshia Jose Thanks mate.. Samir u r a star

Joly Joseph Pathiyamoola

Joly Joseph Pathiyamoola Great job. Congrats to you and your team.

Jude Varghese

Jude Varghese Great to having such a wonderful Accountant and dedicated team 👍👍👏👏👏

Glenn Finn

Glenn Finn Thank you too mate, much appreciated, to all the team a ⭐️

Keith Chessell

Keith Chessell Done me proud top man

T Askari, South West
Hun.... even if we gifted you the world it wont be enough to appreciate your work and your FRIENDSHIP!
Have a lovely day xx

Pro Dent Surgery, South West
We have been using Gaglani and Co as our accountants for over 7 years. Throughout these years Samir has always provided us with an excellent service and support whenever needed.
Samir has helped us greatly to manage our accounts and grow our business. We would highly recommend Samir at Gaglani and Co to other business owners, friends and family. His experience and personal approach have been invaluable to our businesses.

T Day, South West
When I was younger, a very wise person once said to me, ` If you want something done, ask a busy person`. I didn`t understand at the time what she meant. Now I do. They`re busy because they make things happen. I`m very upset at the moment, as I am going through Mum`s litigation details. but please let me thank you so much for your very real kindnesses to me Samir, ever since we first met.
Thank you so much.

Tri Ex Forces, South West
I was reading the below and thinking to myself, Samir delivered perfectly for TriExforces as a start up and i look forward working with you on the other stages as we progress.
CLients 2016, South West
Some of the comments left on Facebook.

Daljit Lally Yes you are the best sami, love you xxx
Unlike Reply 1 21 January at 22:47

Danny Harkins Deffo best accountant ever and a true and loyal friend. Love you buddy
Unlike Reply 1 22 January at 00:19

Tima Laalami Asgari I second that. Samir Gaglaniand is the best accountant ever x
Unlike Reply 2 22 January at 00:47

ابو مريم Believe me brother you are the best of UK Sami
Like Reply 22 January at 01:35

Bakar Mahmoud Agree
Like Reply 22 January at 05:22

Liam Thomas Legend of a man and a true gentleman....worth your weight in gold and more my friend x
Like Reply 22 January at 07:55

Talwinder Chandhoke I second that
Like Reply 22 January at 08:30

Tima Laalami Asgari Samir Gaglaniand is worth his weight in the rarest form of precious metals and stones. One in 7 billion x
Like Reply 22 January at 09:54

Strigsty Williams God bless you !!with long life
Unlike Reply 2 22 January at 12:40

Zay Ahmed Defo number 1! Amazing guy, a true soldier. You deserve the praise Gaglaniand Coltd

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