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Micky Flint, Wales
No problem mate keep safe I can see your doing a great job for the people. Luckily for me I.m still working only limited hours what will see me through to the other side of this when it picks up again where I think many won.t bad times I.m great full you are now my accountant your doing a fantastic job for the lads I know.👍🏼
Waisale Nawaqataba, London
Thank you so much for your service brother. Sorry for being so late like this. Im so happy to have you as my accountant but more to that as a friend and a family. I donít know how to repay you back brother. Your such a blessing.
Thank you so much. For all that youíve done.
Regards to your family brother. Take care and God bless you abundantly.

John Sentance, West Midlands
Samir you never cease to amaze me,I watch in ore at your commitment to do anything to help people !whom most accountants would consider to be just there clients 9 to 5.
Youíve always gone beyond but in these recent times youíve gone beyond beyond wherever that is?to help everyone even those who donít pay you a penny.even giving advice on Facebook once again for free
Myself and Helen canít thank you enough for all your help .you and your staff are amazing!
If mrs Gaglani sees this email then mrs Gaglani can you please close his laptop shout your girls downstairs and force this man to switch off and watch Netflix or Disney plus with you all please ❤️🌈 xxx

Greg Dykes, Yorkshire and the Humber
Thats my Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Submitted. 🤞
Thanks to Gaglani and Co Ltd for the walkthrough guides. Platinum quality Accountants worth contacting (but not at the moment as they are uber busy 😉)

Abbas Hayat, South East
May God bless you and give everything and anything you need inshallah! One of the most hard working honest people on in this world. Keep safe
Bradley Merritt, North West
There are so many people that we need to be grateful for! We clap at night to represent the NHS and those working so hard to help the public ....

I myself have one person I need to say a special thank you too, he is someone that is helping so many people like myself within my industry!
He has gone above and beyond to make sure that his clients are up-to-date and have all the information necessary ....

Thank you Gaglaniand Coltd!

Anybody needs an accountant for any reason please reach out, this guy and team are legends !...

John Sentance, West Midlands
I certainly do Sam and with you in our corner you give us all the strength to keep on fighting✊🏼Gaglaniand Coltd a fighter,a lover,A Legend and a friend to all who know him❤️🌈thank you on behalf of the many pal
Sam Cheesman, North West
Hello mate hope you and family are well, I don.t need anything but just wanted to say thanks and that you are doing a fantastic job with the updates and key information for everyone during Covid 19 and it.s greatly appreciated that you are going above and beyond. Hope you and family stay safe and thanks again. 👍

S Pottiwal, South West
Good Evening Samir, With all the celebrations going on for Guru Nanak Dev Jis birthday.
I sat at work and thought of you.
And would like to wish happiness health and wealth to you and your family. and may you be blessed with whatever that may be a shortfall in your life. and that shortfall be no more.

Michael Osullivan, West Midlands
I.ve just paid your monthly expenses. Thanks for your excellent service.
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