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Jeevan Abrahim, London
Thank you big man you.re a star! Thanks so much for the message, I can.t say it enough, it means a lot coming from someone as successful as yourself.

I.ve transferred the amount as requested. Thank you for being a decent human being, there.s too few like yourself in the world today. I really do hope we can do some work together in the near future.

Anyways thank you again and if it.s alright with you, I.ll give you a call when I.m on my way.

Please give my love to your family as well and thank you again for everything Bai.

Jordana V Pereira, South East
By describing Samir as an incredible professional doesn.t really do him justice, extremely helpful and caring. They really are a God.s gift to small, medium and large businesses.

Mr B, Yorkshire and the Humber
Your a true Gent Samir.
Never have I felt so much love and respect for someone I.ve not actually physically met, and never has any body done so much for me in the same instance
Big love to you fella and thank you xx

Gala Motors Ltd, London
Here we are guys, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the help and support! Much appreciate your hard job done!
Without good team Renata Laucius Viktorija Šešeikaitė Furtuna Dorin Mihail Prodan this point wouldn.t be reached. Thanks to nice guys and friends in help moving premises Aurimas Stankevicius nerijus bikulcius.
Also thank you contractors Daniel Babusca , mr recovery, Aivaras Noreika .
Special thank you to man who was from day 1 with us and helped to stand up and reach life targets, god bless you Gaglaniand Coltd and your family!!!

Lisa Ashley Jane Grafton, South East
Highly recommended by word of mouth! Thank god I transferred my accounts to Samir after having multiple cock ups from another firm. It.s not easy deciding and choosing an accountant for your first business, you take a leap of faith. I have every confidence in this company and the way they.ve handled everything so far suggests to me that they really know their stuff!
CLients 2016, South West
Some of the comments left on Facebook.

Daljit Lally Yes you are the best sami, love you xxx
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 21 January at 22:47

Danny Harkins Deffo best accountant ever and a true and loyal friend. Love you buddy
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 22 January at 00:19

Tima Laalami Asgari I second that. Samir Gaglaniand is the best accountant ever x
Unlike · Reply · 2 · 22 January at 00:47

ابو مريم Believe me brother you are the best of UK Sami
Like · Reply · 22 January at 01:35

Bakar Mahmoud Agree
Like · Reply · 22 January at 05:22

Liam Thomas Legend of a man and a true gentleman....worth your weight in gold and more my friend x
Like · Reply · 22 January at 07:55

Talwinder Chandhoke I second that
Like · Reply · 22 January at 08:30

Tima Laalami Asgari Samir Gaglaniand is worth his weight in the rarest form of precious metals and stones. One in 7 billion x
Like · Reply · 22 January at 09:54

Strigsty Williams God bless you !!with long life
Unlike · Reply · 2 · 22 January at 12:40

Zay Ahmed Defo number 1! Amazing guy, a true soldier. You deserve the praise Gaglaniand Coltd

Miss V Patel, South West
I.m sincerely grateful for all your hard work and commitment to your clients! I really appreciate you hard work, thank you xxx
Matin Exports, North East
Not all Angels reside in Heaven some of them meant to be on Earth.
Best accountant ever.
God bless you & your family
Wesley Bent, North East
Samir and his team have been dealing with my tax issues for 8+ years now and their professional conduct has been second to none. This too is high-lighted in their opening hours 0800-2345...who works these hours?? Samir is always available to offer advise, answer questions and sometimes admonish, but wouldn.t go elsewhere. Keep up the good work and all the best for 2016 guys!!

LMI, South West
Just wishing you a Happy Christmas and hope I can be more helpful next year with your Boat Merchandising. ...
Thank you also for introducing me to Samir..the guy is a star and has to be one of the most patient accountants around!
Seems his predecessor was a little less focused. ..

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