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E Sollaku, North East
Samir is one of the most sincere, caring and helpful person you will ever meet with extraordinary skills and a great character i have been a client there for years and i truly recommend Samir to anyone i know

T Askari, South West
Hun.... even if we gifted you the world it wont be enough to appreciate your work and your FRIENDSHIP!
Have a lovely day xx

D Leggett, South East
Hope all is well with you and your family mate. Also, Julia and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a very successful New Year.
You have been a great help to us, invaluable! We have appreciated you being there for us, not just as an accountant but as a true friend.
Loves Ya,,

Pro Dent Surgery, South West
We have been using Gaglani and Co as our accountants for over 7 years. Throughout these years Samir has always provided us with an excellent service and support whenever needed.
Samir has helped us greatly to manage our accounts and grow our business. We would highly recommend Samir at Gaglani and Co to other business owners, friends and family. His experience and personal approach have been invaluable to our businesses.

T Day, South West
When I was younger, a very wise person once said to me, ` If you want something done, ask a busy person`. I didn`t understand at the time what she meant. Now I do. They`re busy because they make things happen. I`m very upset at the moment, as I am going through Mum`s litigation details. but please let me thank you so much for your very real kindnesses to me Samir, ever since we first met.
Thank you so much.

Tri Ex Forces, South West
I was reading the below and thinking to myself, Samir delivered perfectly for TriExforces as a start up and i look forward working with you on the other stages as we progress.
Jeevan Abrahim, London
Thank you big man you.re a star! Thanks so much for the message, I can.t say it enough, it means a lot coming from someone as successful as yourself.

I.ve transferred the amount as requested. Thank you for being a decent human being, there.s too few like yourself in the world today. I really do hope we can do some work together in the near future.

Anyways thank you again and if it.s alright with you, I.ll give you a call when I.m on my way.

Please give my love to your family as well and thank you again for everything Bai.

Jordana V Pereira, South East
By describing Samir as an incredible professional doesn.t really do him justice, extremely helpful and caring. They really are a God.s gift to small, medium and large businesses.

Mr B, Yorkshire and the Humber
Your a true Gent Samir.
Never have I felt so much love and respect for someone I.ve not actually physically met, and never has any body done so much for me in the same instance
Big love to you fella and thank you xx

Gala Motors Ltd, London
Here we are guys, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the help and support! Much appreciate your hard job done!
Without good team Renata Laucius Viktorija Šešeikaitė Furtuna Dorin Mihail Prodan this point wouldn.t be reached. Thanks to nice guys and friends in help moving premises Aurimas Stankevicius nerijus bikulcius.
Also thank you contractors Daniel Babusca , mr recovery, Aivaras Noreika .
Special thank you to man who was from day 1 with us and helped to stand up and reach life targets, god bless you Gaglaniand Coltd and your family!!!

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