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Aneesa Port, London
" Samir is a sweetheart thank you so much for recommending him "
KNS Heating Solutions Ltd, West Midlands
And as for our thoughts on your service, well I can only describe it as impeccable and we can.t recommend you enough to others. Your communication on every matter is precise yet understandable, you never miss a deadline, no task is too small or too complicated, you go above and beyond our needs as a business and you always have time for a little chat even though I know you have 101 things to be working on. You and your staff are a great asset to our company.

I do have to thank you also for your patience with my minimal knowledge of the tax system and my unending questions, especially in the beginning and I.ll never tire of hearing the magic words… .I.ll deal with it.. We.ve used other accountant services, but yours is the only one who can take the headache out of it. So thank you for all the hard work you.ve put in for us.

working at 23.45… really???? tut tut

Mr I Mabood, South West
Always at hand, takes care of my every need and never lets me down. Samir has always been there for me from day one and tended to my every need and wish. He is more like family than an Accountant.

I have been with Samir since 2003 and would say wholeheartedly he has got me out of some sticky situations and help me grow my business empire. I have worked hard for what i have but without him i would not have what i have.

Samir you are one in a million.
Mr A Khan, South West
Absolutely fantastic guy works very hard for all his clients and never lets anyone down. Unlike other accountants its a fixed fee no matter what you need and never charges any extra no matter how often you see him or call him.
Global Food & Halal Meat Centre Ltd, South West
Samir has been our accountant for many years now (Since 2003) and has always proven to be reliable, efficient and worth every penny of his fee income. He has been available for us at all times especially when we have been stressed in the late evenings and early mornings. We have even called him at midnight and he has been there for us.

Our business is all due to him and still to this day we say this is Samir.s shop. He has put as much effort as we have and to be honest this will always be his shop.

If everything in life was like Gaglani and Co Ltd the world be be a far better and nicer place to be in.

Phil Parker, West Midlands
The most precious gift in the world is Gaglani & Co Ltd. They are fantastic and have never let me down. Despite the distance it always feels like he is right here next to me making sure all things go ok.
Mr F Edimina, South West
Gaglani & CO are a very friendly and helpful company who are always at my beck and call. Samir is always at hand despite being so busy and handles everything for me efficiently and effectively. I am not sure I can cope without him but we have agreed that I will retire before him!!
Mr John Smith, South West
These guys are the best and always at hand. They have saved me loads of tax in the right ways and that i definately needed in this economic crisis. Thanks guys a million.

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